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Her character’s arc is one of the hardest because it involves losing your innocence, having your dreams all shattered and destroyed, encountering the darkest, meanest, ugliest side of the fair nobles and learning how to maneuver in their world. Sansa won’t ever be Arya or Brienne or Danaerys. But she can be Varys or Lady Olenna. And that’s as interesting a journey.

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I like Sansa.She survived. If Sansa had confronted Joffrey she would be dead, she would have been tortured. My favorite scene is when she tells to Cersei that she loves Joffrey “with all her heart.” When clearly, she hates him.

" But she can be Varys or Lady Olenna". :) !!

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0w, when I watched this scene, I thought “Will trying to manipulate Hannibal”. But I did not realize how he could do that.. And get this indeed. Because Hanni is smart. But now I understand how much he cared in seeing Will imprisoned and suffering. And how Hanni really cared about his situation there.Will used this for his own good.

Hannibal hated being fooled and this was biggest reason to stab Will !!!:) He was more mad at himself (for had been fooled )than mad at Will. Will tried to kill him and he recognized Will’s reasons . And Hanni was not so mad because he felt in control about the situation. I think this would be the prospect of a narcissist.  His pride, never be weak or fool. His heart was broken, firstly for himself. But of course, like Bryan Fuller said: because Hannibal lost his friend and will miss him.



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